Welcome to this little culinary outpost on the far reaches of the internet. Think of it as being on the outer rim of the foodie solar system in a rich and varied universe of opportunity! If you’ve found yourself here, then welcome! I really hope you find something useful and able to make use of the recipes and the ethos that you might find. This my digital kitchen garden 🌱, with an approach of not following the conventions of a "personal blog" which can be found at ScribbleandScran. Some things won't be polished or displayed in reverse chronologic order. Navigation will be through links. Giving me the freedom to just share interlinked ideas, free-form work in progress. Almost as though I'm sharing my notebook from my kitchen adventures! |Status|| |---|---| |23-07-18 Friday| the garden is in a state of bare bones. think of it in a sense I've just been given the space in the allotment. |23-07-27| [[Tuscan Style Chicken]] recipe added |23-09-08| The garden is evolving, a [[The Library\|The library]] and [[The Shed\|The Shed]] have been added |23-09-27| [[Risotto]] recipe added --- The garden is evolving: - [[Veg Patch]] still to come - [[Orchard]] still to come - The Larder - [[The Library]] SEP 6, 2023 (Book Recommendations) - The Watering Hole - [[The Shed]] SEP 9, 2023 (A base of operations) - The Kitchen - [[the Pan]] --- ### In order to Stay up-to-date with new thoughts and progress Please subscribe and witness my journey as I pull a bunch of recipes together alongside an amalgamation of memories, thoughts and ideas and try and write that book! <iframe src="https://scribbleandscran.substack.com/embed" width="100%" height="320" style="border:1px solid #EEE; background:black;" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe> As well as this rough patch of grass, you can also find me trekking in the more salubrious suburbs of social media: [ScribbleandScran](https://scribbleandscran.com/) A more traditional style blog [The Cook (@scribbleandscran)](https://www.instagram.com/scribbleandscran/) Instagram photos and videos --- [[Digital Garden]]